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We believe in making travel as low impact as possible and are committed to operating our cottages with responsible and environmentally friendly practices where possible.


We factor the environment into our everyday decisions from using less chemicals in our cleaning products, using local suppliers for our guest products, recycling, as well as operating a 'switch off' policy when powered appliances are not in use.

As farmers, we work a lot on the land and are very grateful to be located across a site where we can actively develop and improve the natural environment. We do this in many ways by planting trees and hedgerows, rewilding and encouraging our guests to get outside and enjoy nature. We have worked hard to make a space where our guests can explore and enjoy nature and, are constantly learning and striving to become more socially and environmentally responsible on this journey.

We welcome you to embrace our environmental policy when you stay with us at Patty's Barn. We’re still learning so please do let us know what we’re doing well and how we might improve.




Explore our nature trail

The more time we spend outdoors the more connected we become to the natural world and the more likely you are to adopt environmentally friendly ways.

We encourage you to explore our nature trail during your stay, find out more here

Recycling Bin

Waste & Recyling

We have a dedicated waste and recyling point and encourage all our guests to use this. Please see our information books inside our cottages for more info on how to separate and manage your waste.

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Tree Planting and Reforestation

We have 3 small woodlands across our site of which we regulary plant trees and maintain these spots so nature can thrive and our guests can come and observe and enjoy peacefully.


Building & Materials

We always use and promote local businesses and all of our workforce and tradesmen materials used for building are sourced locally.



We always champion local suppliers and businesses and in our cottages we proudly use Lake District brand, Pure Lakes  who make all of their products using natural, bio-degradable raw ingredients. We  buy in bulk and refill. 

Image by Jaye Haych

Switch it off

We operate a 'switch it off' policy and encourage guests to save energy and turn off the heating, electrical equipment (lights, television, cooker etc) when not in use. We use LED bulbs and  



  • Wildflower Meadow

  • Members RSPB 

  • Members of BASC - who installed 10 bird boxes down Hillam Lane in April 2019 and they were all being used by the end of the month.

  • 3 duck hides in March 2023

Fists in Solidarity

Partnerships & Collaborations

  • Collectively we can achieve so much more. We've had some great collaborations with Lancashire Wildlife Trust who helped us develop our nature trail, and Green Lancaster who send volunteers to support with maintaining our site. Lancaster University who run ongoing research projects with us at our renewable energy site, Cockerham Green Energy and have frequent interations with Morecambe Bay Partnership, Forest of Bowland AONB, Sustrans, Food Futures and other local community groups who use our site to promote their own community inicitives. 

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Litter Pick Station

If you'd like to do your own litter pick during your stay with us at Patty's Barn.


Let us know!


We will provide you with:

Bin bags


Bag clips



With the tide coming and going twice daily, there is always plenty of litter washed up and we're on a mission to conserve, protect and keep our coastline clean for the thousands of birds and other wildlife species that come to feed and rest here throughout the seasons.


Did you know.... A plastic bottle left on the beach may last for more than 450 years in the marine environment.


Let's get to work!

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We are proud to be home to some of Lancashire’s best delicacies. Our neighbours offer delicious Salt Marsh Lamb and  down the road is the famous Walling’s ice Cream and Farm, Yard Ale’s. Check out our local produce page here for some more inspration on all the best local produce

Image by Daiga Ellaby

Cleaning Products 

We always aim to use low toxic cleaning items and use Norwex cleaning products

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Rewilding at
Patty's Barn

We have dedicated a 3 acre plot of land that will be left to rewlid, we believe that a managed approach to rewilding is more responsible and impactful for the environment. In this plot we've planted over 300 saplings to create a tree/hedgerow which will create a more connected wildlife corridor between 2 woodlands and water bodies. This additional shrub will provide habitat for small mammals and wildlife and encourage new and existing wildlife to thrive.


Check out our sister business The Rewilding ( located onsite at Patty's Barn that delivers a range of experiences focussed on human and nature connection to rewild the human.

Patty's Barn.HEIC


1. Coastal Cleanup 

Living on the coast means we get a lot of washup from the sea. Help us keep our coastline clean and take a big bag out on your walks. We have proper litter-picking equipment available on request and encourage you to get involved in this during your stay.

2. Countryside Code

Remember to always adopt the Countryside Code when walking or cycling on the many paths through the fields and woodland. Please respect your surroundings and the animals who live there and the farmers who farm. Click here if you need a refresher on the code. 

3.  Explore our nature trail & connect with nature.

What did you spot? Record in our nature book in the games room any wildlife, plants, or anything you have noted during your stay that you think is worth documenting, this could be as small or large as you wish. 

4. Turn it off

Save energy and turn off electrical equipment (lights, television, cooker etc) when not in use, and whilst you're enjoying your holidays remember the best memories are captured in your mind not on your mobile. :)

5. Use your feet

Explore ways of enjoying your holiday with minimum use of your car (and exploring public transport!).

Check out some of these itineraries on the Eco Escapes website here for some more inspiration and explore more of our outstanding Lancashire natural beauty. 

6. Check out our dark skies

We're right on the edge of The Forest of Bowland which is an accredited Dark Skies location with some of the darkest skies in England and we too benefit from these beautiful dark nights at Patty's Barn. Check out this Dark Skies fact sheet here with some tips of how best you can enjoy the night sky. If you're visiting us in Feb be sure to visit the Dark Skies Festival, find out more here.  

7. Keep your eyes wide open and remember to look up

We are located in a very unique spot on the coastline of the Morecambe Bay Estuary a recognised Special Area of Conservation (SAC) , A Site of Special  Scientific Interest (SSSi) and one of the most important ecological sites in the UK, recognised globally by Ramsar 

With this, we have flocks of sea birds coming and going with the seasons, just ask us if you'd like to borrow some binoculars or use the telescope at the entrance. 


In another area of our family farm, we produce renewable energy through solar and the process of anaerobic digestion. This involves processing agricultural waste from our farm and neighboring farms to collect the methane gas which is produced which is then converted into electricity for heating and power that goes back into the National Grid. We currently provide an average of 600K of energy which equates to the supply of approximately 600 houses. The process is circular with the excess waste from this process being reused as an organic fertiliser to grow grass for our cows. Heat is also a by-product in this process in which we power our farm and dry logs.


Did you know that we're also dairy farmers at Patty's Barn. We have a herd of holstein cows that produce milk that goes into our food chain to make all kinds of dairy products. We believe that we all play a role in how we show up for the environment, every choice we make has an environmental impact, as farmers we understand that we play a big role in this too, but we also have the opportunity to be part of the solution, to bring innovation into practices that create nature-friendly farming whereby both nature can thrive and we can continue to produce high quality food for our nation.



We're proud to be members of the Green Tourism Network who offer expert advise and an Independent certification process that’s respected by globally, ensuring we take a proactive approach to sustainability

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Our farm is a member of LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming) the leading organisation working with farmers to deliver more sustainable food and farming.

We're members of The Forest of Bowland AONB partnership network who are responsible for co-ordinating efforts to conserve and enhance the Forest of Bowland

You'll find us listed on Eco Escapes,  itineraries in rural Lancashire all about traveling light and treading carefully in our precious but fragile rural landscapes.  


If you have any ideas or suggestions of how we could continue to become more responsible in our practices we welcome your feedback. We are committed to continually monitor our working practices and to seek opportunities to improve them in ways that have a positive effect on the environment. Please complete the contact form below or send an email to

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