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We want you to know that we’re doing our part to help our guests stay safe during your stay with us at Patty's Barn. Please review the following guidance carefully

  • Please respect the 2m social distancing with people outside of your own household or support bubble

  • Please make use of the sanitising station which can be found next to the recycling area at the back of the car park.

  • We ask that before entering any of the shared spaces on-site you use the hand sanitiser which can be found mounted on the wall outside these areas.

  • We will be cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces in these areas however if please help us with this by using the cleaning stations provided inside to wipe down what you have touched.


​Patty's Barn has an increased cleaning regime that will be implemented on every guest check out. For your peace of mind, we have outlined what this looks like ​

  • All glasses, crockery and kitchen equipment will be removed and washed between guests

  • All areas will be dusted, swept and hoovered

  • All hard surfaces will be cleaned and mopped

  • All rubbish is removed and bins lined with fresh bags

  • We will spray all high-touch surfaces in each room with a disinfectant spray. Allow the disinfectant stand for the length of time specified on the product label and allow the surface to air-dry

  • Cleaners will wash hands and put on clean gloves before refilling any guest supplies, towels, or linen and our cleaning team will continue to wear disposable gloves when cleaning cottages

  • Guests are also provided with cleaning equipment to maintain this during their stay

  • When we have finished sanitising and resetting a room, the door will remain closed and we will disinfect the doorknob. No one will re-enter this space until guest arrival.

  • We will maintain rigorous checking by Patty's Barn Management to ensure all of the procedures outlined above are being adhered to.


  • If a guest is displaying signs of the Covid-19 virus while staying at Patty's Barn, they should inform us immediately by contacting Michelle on 07502726596, immediately self-isolate where they are to minimise any risk of transmission, and request a test.

  • If they are confirmed to have Covid-19, they should return home if they reasonably can.

  • Guests should follow government guidance on dealing with possible or confirmed coronavirus (COVID-19) infection. Once the guest has returned to their main residence, they should continue to follow the government guidance on self-isolation, household isolation and social distancing.

  • This will apply to all guests that were present in the cottage. If the guest shows acute symptoms has breathing difficulties or their life is at potential risk, seek medical help immediately.

If you have questions or concerns about any of the above during your stay please do contact us. This is a big a learning curve for all of us and we ask that you are kind and patient with our team during this time.

Thank you, Patty's Barn Management

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